How to Fit Deep Cleaning Into a Busy Schedule - Clean Mama

Thank you to ALL of you that filled out the survey! I’m still going over your answers and suggestions, but overwhelmingly, the most-asked question was along the lines of how do you do your deep cleaning, when do you deep clean, or do you deep clean. Yes, I talk A LOT about getting into a simple cleaning routine, but not a whole lot about deep cleaning. So, point taken – deep cleaning is on the posting schedule. I thought I’d take a minute here today to quickly talk about some deep cleaning to tide you over a bit and then I’ll get into it a little more in the weeks to come. Sound good?

What’s my deep cleaning schedule?

I use a rotating schedule – I have specific tasks that I rotate throughout the year. It looks like a seasonal schedule, but some tasks are completed monthly, while others are completed bi-monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. The schedule that I use is in my cleaning kits in my shop and in my ebooks, but I will be sharing more of what I clean and when I clean it here on the blog.

When do you complete your deep cleaning?

I tackle anywhere from 6-8 deep cleaning tasks in a month (yikes, right?). So I fit them in when I can. Do I always complete every single one? No. But I do get pretty close. For instance, every month I vacuum the baseboards, I simply add that to a vacuuming day and complete it at that time. Fridays are also a big deep cleaning day for me. Since I don’t have a specific cleaning task on the schedule I try to fit a couple in on Fridays.

What about seasonal cleaning?

I love seasonal cleaning. It’s a great way to get motivated to clean everything all at once and start fresh. So when a season of life is a little crazy and things slide, I grab a seasonal cleaning checklist and move through that to get me back on track.

Where can I start?

If you are just getting a handle on the daily and weekly cleaning, I’d suggest trying a little deep cleaning. Start with the Fall Cleaning Cleaning Checklist and move through it as you can. If it takes you a month to complete and you only complete the first section – that’s fine! It’s progress and honestly, figuring out how to fit in cleaning is difficult at first, but the result is worth it!

Any questions for me? Ask away!