Are you getting ready to do some spring cleaning? Or did you already start? I’m so excited to finally share a little spring cleaning challenge with you – it has a bit of a twist and works perfectly with or without my brand new book Simply Clean.

Simply Spring Cleaning (and decluttering) Challenge

Think of this challenge like a choose your own adventure for spring cleaning – take on the challenge and do it at your own pace. I’ve aligned traditional spring cleaning tasks with decluttering tasks. This works really well because you can do the two things in tandem OR do one on one day and the other the next. I think you’ll find that this approach works well for cleaning AND clearing clutter. Follow along step by step or skip around – do what works for YOU and your schedule.

Notice in the decluttering section that I’ve included some helpful decluttering tasks like zeroing out your inbox and decluttering 10 minutes in your basement or storage area. I’ve included a few decluttering tasks that I need and maybe you do too 😉

Grab your FREE checklist here – you’ll need to put it in your cart and checkout – it’s still free!

I’ll be sharing blog and social media posts (follow below!) to help you clean and declutter at the same time. I’ve picked a couple areas of the home that NEED to be spring cleaned and with that cleaning I’ll help you with some very specific decluttering too. Print out the checklist, follow along, and work at your own pace. It might take you a weekend, two weeks, or a month or more. The goal? You decide! Clean neglected areas of the home, lose some excess stuff that’s causing you stress and cluttering up your home, and get ready to open those doors and windows and breathe in that wonderful spring air from your beautifully clean home!

What’s your motivation? Find it and start simply spring cleaning!

Grab the checklist and start working your way through some spring cleaning and decluttering. Before you know it, your home will be spring cleaned, decluttered, and better than it was before you started!

Did you grab Simply Clean? Of course I talk about spring cleaning and there’s a beautiful spring cleaning checklist included too! Amazon shopper? Grab it here.

If you haven’t put your supplies together, go to this post to get started and then come on back for your checklist.


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