Monday I introduced Spring Cleaning Month here on the blog and we started with a little de-cluttering. When tackling a cleaning project, I like to work a little de-cluttering in the mix. I find that without de-cluttering you are simply moving the stuff around to clean under it and that doesn’t take care of the clutter issue in the future. I like to simplify the steps for myself so I can break a de-cluttering project down into 15 minute intervals if needed. If you purchased my new ebook/guide, the first worksheet is this the ‘De-Clutter Before You Clean’ worksheet. Here’s a snippet from the worksheet:

Then move on to the floors and follow the same method of separating everything into 4 categories:





Once you have completed de-cluttering your surfaces and floors, it’s time to move on to your hot spots. (Hot spots are areas where clutter continues to occur.)  Once you have de-cluttered your hot spot, come up with a solution to keep it from continuing to happen. For instance, if you always have a pile of keys on your counter, put a couple hooks on the wall to hang them on or put a cup on your counter to put the keys in.

After you’ve de-cluttered your surfaces, floors, and hot spots you can go to other areas in your home and continue to de-clutter those individual areas. Hopefully it’s fairly easy after covering the surfaces, floors, and hot spots. Once the de-cluttering is taken care of it’s time to start cleaning!

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