How to Fit Deep Cleaning Into a Busy Schedule - Clean Mama

If you’re already busy it’s difficult to find a spare second and if you’re able to find a spare second is cleaning what you really want to do? Probably not. So today let’s figure out the absolute best time to do a little deep cleaning. I have 3 approaches for you…

Add a task or two to your weekly cleaning

Add one or two tasks every week to your cleaning routine – I like to complete most deep cleaning tasks on Fridays. I use a rotating cleaning list that I work through every month. This is most definitely my preferred method – everyday a little something. I clean and tidy up all the time and I’m okay with it.

Do all of the your deep cleaning in one day (or morning, afternoon, or evening)

Choose one day a month to do your deep cleaning – if you like things to be cleaned all at one, like having a cleaning lady, you’ll want to choose one day a month to work on your list. If I do my rotating cleaning list once a month it takes me somewhere between 2 and 4 hours depending on the tasks. So a Saturday morning might be appropriate. If you work outside of the home and are reading this I’m sure you’re laughing, but you can totally do it. Because if you work at home you’re probably laughing too thinking. Truth be told, if you know that you need to do a little more than you are already doing because what you’re doing isn’t working, change it.

Do your deep cleaning seasonally

Do a seasonal cleaning checklist each season. It just so happens that I have a free fall cleaning checklist here.  If you haven’t ever done deep cleaning start in on that and then once your home is deep cleaned, decide if you want to continue with the seasonal cleaning or adopt a weekly or monthly approach.

Are you up for some deep cleaning or looking for ways to easily implement it? What approach fits your lifestyle? I’ll continue this little mini-series over the next week or two – stay tuned.

Something that’s helpful for me is my cleaning binder. I keep cleaning schedules and rotating cleaning tasks in mine – go here to check it out.

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