Put together a Mini Bathroom Cleaning Caddy (plus Recipe for DIY Peppermint Glass + Mirror Cleaner) via Clean Mama

Yesterday I shared 4 tips to organize under the bathroom sink – today I’m going to show you a couple essentials that I keep in the cleaning caddy under the bathroom sink. I find it really helpful to keep a mini cleaning caddy in our bathrooms, I find that having a couple quick cleaning supplies at the ready for any little mess or just routine cleaning is a real time saver. If I’m supervising bath or shower time I take a couple minutes to spray down counters and toilets to take advantage of a couple minutes of down time. (Please consider the ages of your children if using this advice – never leave children unattended in a bath or shower.)

Put together a Mini Bathroom Cleaning Caddy via Clean Mama

Think about what supplies you use most or every time you clean the bathroom and put them together in a small caddy or container. (I keep toilet cleaning supplies and shower cleaning supplies in separate containers.)  I always need/use a disinfecting cleaner, a glass and mirror cleaner, a scrub, microfiber cloths, and a magic eraser.

Supplies for a Bathroom Cleaning Caddy via Clean Mama

What’s in my Mini Bathroom Cleaning Caddy?

Not into making your own cleaning products? Put your favorite disinfecting, glass cleaner, and scrub in your mini cleaning caddy for the same results. Go here to see some of my favorite cleaning products.

How about a recipe for the Peppermint Glass and Mirror Cleaner? With just a couple safe ingredients, you can have a quick drying, easy cleaning glass and mirror solution that smells great and cleans even better!

DIY Peppermint Glass and Mirror Cleaner via Clean Mama

Gather these ingredients, pour in your spray bottle, give it a little shake, and start wiping those mirrors and windows!

Peppermint Glass + Mirror Cleaner

  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol
  • 5 drops peppermint essential oil

You can find this and 149 more DIY cleaning recipes in my book, The Organically Clean Home!

What do you do to make your bathroom cleaning a little easier?

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