Saturday is sheets and towels day. I find that doing a couple loads of sheets and towels on Saturdays helps in the laundry department. If everything works the way I want it to, I wash a load of white towels, a load of colored towels and one or two loads of sheets. I start right away in the morning and then by early afternoon clean sheets are on the beds and clean towels are folded and put away. It isn’t a non-stop Saturday of laundry, I just tend to the laundry when it needs to be switched from the washer to dryer and then from the dryer to folded and put away.

Here are some of my favorite laundry products – what else would you add to my list?

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Monday – Bathrooms

Tuesday – Dusting

Wednesday – Vacuum

Thursday – Wash Floors

Friday – Catch-All Day

Saturday – Sheets + Towels

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