On Wednesdays I haul out the vacuum and vacuum all the carpets in the house. I also use a floor sweeper (shown in my favorites) for the hardwood flooring in our house during the week and I use the attachments for corners and edges on vacuum day. Curious why I vacuum on Wednesdays? Tuesday is dusting day so Wednesday is the day to clean up the dust from Tuesday. Simple as that.

What’s my method?

Move quickly – start on the second floor with the room that’s the farthest away from the stairs. I vacuum all the bedrooms, bathrooms,  the upstairs hallway, stairs, and then the lower level. The lower level is mostly hardwood, so I vacuum corners and do a quick vacuum of the carpeted rooms. This ensures that all the dust and dog hair is picked up and the floors are ready for washing tomorrow.

My favorite floor cleaning products?

 Most importantly, find a vacuum cleaner that works for your budget and home. I have gone through quite a few vacuum cleaners and I’ve finally found a systme that works better than any other – I love my Oreck Magnesium Power Team. That being said, whatever vacuum cleaner picks up the dirt and keeps your floors clean, use it and implement it in your weekly cleaning routine. I also like to use a broom or sweeper in between vacuuming to keep the hardwood floors clean in between weekly vacuuming. The sweeper gets pulled out daily to keep the dog hair and dust bunnies at bay. I also like having a steam carpet cleaner to clean individual rooms, stairs, and high traffic areas in between professional carpet cleanings. I just use hot water and vinegar (equal parts vinegar and water) as the cleaning solution – no soapy residue and it lifts stains easily.

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Monday – Bathrooms

Tuesday – Dusting

Wednesday – Vacuum

Thursday – Wash Floors

Friday – Catch-All Day

Saturday – Sheets + Towels

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