I wash floors on Thursdays because all the hard floors were vacuumed or swept on Wednesday. Yes, it would be better to vacuum and wash floors all on the same day, but I just don’t have that kind of time. So, I split it up and vacuum on Wednesdays and wash floors on Thursdays.

What’s my Method?

I’ve experimented with more floor cleaning products then I’d like to admit and have finally come around to washing my floors with vinegar and water. You can read more about my technique in this post. I prefer a steam mop for tile (bathrooms) and vinyl (mudroom and laundry room). I use the spray mop pictured on days when I only have time for a quick wash or if the floors need to be washed before Thursday. I use water, vinegar, and essential oils in the spray mop as well. Why do I use the water and vinegar method? It’s the only floor cleaner that I’ve found that gets up everything and doesn’t leave a sticky residue or a film. I add the essential oils so my house doesn’t smell like a pickle factory (I don’t like the smell of vinegar – at all). And in all my research, I’ve found that vinegar and water is what is professionally recommended by most flooring companies and installers.

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Monday – Bathrooms

Tuesday – Dusting

Wednesday – Vacuum

Thursday – Wash Floors

Friday – Catch-All Day

Saturday – Sheets + Towels

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